Do you use Sage 50 or Sage Line 100?


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To all those companies using Sage 50 we say what a wonderful product it is. Pentyme Resources is a member of the Sage Accountants’ Club and has provided many Sage 50 clients with help and consultancy over the years to help then get maximum benefit from the product. However, like many of the software products aimed at the smaller company it does have its limitations and as the business processes of small companies become more complex as they grow, or the number of transactions increase to a level which Sage 50 was not designed to process, then it may be time to consider moving to Sage 200. Sage offers an upgrade package which effectively refunds the original costs of purchasing your Sage 50 system. Pentyme has a range of tools which greatly reduces the amount of time required to transfer data from Sage 50 into Sage 200.

For those companies still using Sage Line 100 you will be aware that this product is no longer supported by Sage and although a number of partners continue to support this product, the business risks increase as the months go by. Like Sage 50 users there is an allowance offered by Sage to assist in the upgrade from Line 100 to Sage 200.

For those companies who have had bespoke software developed for their Line 100 system, fear not, as Pentyme can redevelop any such software, if indeed it is still required, given the increased level of functionality now available with Sage 200.

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