Sage Evolves

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On November 20th Sage held a conference for their Business Partners at The Hinckley Island Hotel, where they announced details of their “Evolve Programme”.

In essence, this is a streamlining exercise that has resulted in hundreds of Sage’s smaller partners being relegated into a division of “Associate Partners” and as such, these companies will no longer receive the same level of support from Sage as their select group of strategic partners will.

From now on there will be a 3 tier structure comprised of 10 “Key Strategic Partners”, 50 “Strategic Partners” and the remainder will operate as “Associate Partners”.

Since its foundation in 1981 Sage has developed 28,000 business partners worldwide and sells its products in 28 countries. They have a global revenue stream of £1.6 trillion with over 6 million clients. In the UK they have a client base of almost 1 million and employ 2,500 people.

As part of the Evolve programmes Sage is aligning its European Organisation with the UK Strategy so there will be more of a common focus across the continent.

Pentyme Solutions is delighted to have been recognised as a Sage Strategic Partner and will be working hard in the coming year to secure our position in this elite group of companies.

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